Datang Real Estate, Sercomm launch Cutting-Edge Green Smart Facility in PEZA

Sercomm, a renowned global provider of wireless telecommunication devices including 5G and fiber products, is preparing to reveal its state-of-the-art green smart facility in one of the PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) locations in Calamba, Laguna. This advanced building, constructed in accordance with the highest energy conservation standards, is poised to be an outstanding example of sustainable architecture. Developed by the prestigious Datang Real Estate Development Corp, the facility has been chosen as a flagship case and will be showcased to attendees at the upcoming Global Climate Summit in Dubai.

The completion of this groundbreaking green smart facility represents a significant milestone for Sercomm. Serving as both their first of its kind globally and their regional hub for manufacturing and distribution, it brings immense pride to both Sercomm and the Philippines. Not only does the facility showcase a technological breakthrough, but it also demonstrates the country’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Central to the design of the facility are its eco-friendly features. The building incorporates not only high-quality recycled metals for its structure, but also cutting-edge eco-technology and materials, such as high water and air “breathable” pavement, the building facilitates superior natural water drainage and mitigates the heat island effect. This innovative pavement not only reduces the environmental impact of the facility but also fosters a more pleasant and comfortable surrounding environment.

Furthermore, the facility is equipped with the Industrial Infrastructure Solution (IIS) system, forming the backbone of its intelligent capabilities. The IIS system integrates various advanced technologies to optimize energy consumption, minimize carbon emissions, and enhance overall operational efficiency. This intelligent infrastructure ensures that the facility operates in a sustainable manner while providing a comfortable and eco-friendly workspace.

Jerry Zheng, the General Manager of Datang Real Estate Development Corp, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Throughout the years, my team and I have grown increasingly concerned about green energy and smart solutions in the projects we undertake. We have prioritized the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concepts into our development process, aiming to create projects that not only fulfill their purpose but also embrace low carbon emissions and sustainability. I am delighted to witness Sercomm and a growing number of owners sharing this philosophy with us.”

Given its extraordinary eco-technological features and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Sercomm’s green smart facility has been chosen as a flagship case for presentation at the upcoming Global Climate Summit in Dubai. This recognition highlights the global significance of the facility and reinforces the Philippines’ reputation as a leading advocate for environmental conservation.

The Global Climate Summit serves as a crucial platform for world leaders, policymakers, and industry experts to collaborate and address the urgent issues of climate change. With the inclusion of Sercomm’s green smart facility, the Philippines can proudly showcase its commitment to sustainable development, innovation, and environmental stewardship on the international stage.

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