DDoS attacks in Asia-Pacific region increase by 43% — IPC

According to IP Converge Data Services, Inc., or IPC, the country’s pioneer DDoS Mitigation service provider, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks increased 43% percent to 34,000 attacks in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, citing a report by its partner Nexusguard, global leader in DDoS mitigation.

The study was conducted throughout the second quarter of this year and revealed an 83% increase in attacks worldwide. Although the APAC region only saw an increase a bit over half of the global total, attack durations were longer compared to global incidents. Nexusguard says that this is most likely due to many attack tools with set duration periods.

The largest increase was seen in Hong Kong, where attacks rose an astonishing 57%. China, which saw a 50% increase in attacks, is the number one target in the region. According to the report, over the course of a month a Chinese website was attacked 41 times.

The Philippines on the other hand is one of the countries who experienced the least DDoS attacks, together with Indonesia and Malaysia.

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