Denny’s SM Clark now open 24/7

Denny’s “All-Day Breakfast” are like manna from heaven.

       Denny’s, which is conveniently located at the SM Clark Skyline, has opened its doors 24/7 to serve the exacting tastes of the Kapampangans and visitors. It opened 24/7 since November 1, 2023, according to SM Clark’s Venus Manalang.

       And while Denny’s is all American breakfast, Denny’s Clark has a touch of Filipino such as the favorite “arrozcaldo.”

       Years ago, I had the chance to visit Denny’s in California, US. But I could say that Denny’s in SM Clark is simply superb because none beats the Filipino hospitality.

       Ok, for a start try their “All-Day Breakfast” such as “Best of Three” which is a combo of tapa, danggit, tocino, garlic rice, and two fried eggs. Yes, two eggs just lik we had it in the US of A.

       Try their “Meaty Feast” a concoction of crispy crunchy pork belly, chicken teriyaki, bacon and cheese sausage, garlic rice, vinegar, pico de gallo, scrambled or sunny side up eggs. Mind you, there are three fried eggs in here.

       Splurge in the “Crispy Feast” an array of South Carolina Fried Chicken, Franfurter sausages, crispy smoked bangus belly, garlic rice, viber, pico de gallo, scrambled or sunny side up eggs.

       Or try “All Meat” – tapa, tocino, longganisa, garlic rice, eggs.

       The Filipino touch is what differentiate Denny’s from the outlets in the US. The longganisa, arrozcaldo, vinegar, and all that Filipino dishes that define our culture are incorporated in the franchise that is all-American.

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