DENSO shares company direction updates at annual Dialog Day

DENSO, a leading mobility supplier, hosted its annual Dialog Day, where it shared how the company is achieving its Long-term Policy 2030. 
At this year’s event, which was attended by more than 200 reporters, analysts, and investors, DENSO highlighted how the concepts of “Green” and “Peace of Mind” are guiding technology development, and shared updates on its software focus and financial targets.

“In our fiscal year 2021, DENSO will innovate in manufacturing, mobility and society domains to contribute to a safer, more sustainable society that brings new choices and value that will be useful to as many customers as possible,” said Koji Arima, President and CEO of DENSO Corporation. “In this effort, we’ll continue to develop technologies, achieve carbon neutrality, eliminate accidents and create new business to make people and society happy.”

Going Green

DENSO has always been committed to sustainability. As part of that commitment, DENSO is accelerating its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. DENSO is making strides in three key areas:

Monozukuri: Reducing factory CO2 emissions to zero
– DENSO will accelerate the use of renewable energy; the implementation of thorough energy conservation activities; the adoption of low-carbon materials, equipment and production processes; and the introduction of Factory IoT. By end of March 2022, Anjo Plant will be carbon neutral ahead of 200 facilities in the world.

Mobility Products: Creating cleaner, greener mobility
– DENSO will prioritize energy management technology centered on drive and thermal systems, promoting technological development in many sustainable areas, from BEVs, HEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs, to urban air mobility, e-Fuel and contact-less power supply. DENSO aims to achieve sales of one trillion yen in electrification by 2025.

Utilization of energy: Collecting and reusing CO2
– DENSO will work to develop technologies that recycle and repurpose CO2. This includes solutions that store three types of energy: battery, hydrogen and fuel, as well as new technologies such as artificial photosynthesis. DENSO looks to achieve sales of 300 billion yen in these areas by 2035. The company launched its first CO2 circulation plant at its Anjo Electrification Innovation Center this year

Bringing Peace of Mind to Everyone On and Off the Road
To bring “Peace” to society, we are working in three areas:

Zero traffic accidents: Freer, safer movement

DENSO will accelerate the development of in-vehicle sensors that cover the entire circumference of the vehicle and work on the development of advanced driving technology that help prevent accidents. DENSO will also accelerate sales expansion of core and aftermarket products and aim to achieve sales of 500 billion yen in the ADAS field in 2025.

Comfortable Space: Comfort for peace of mind

DENSO will develop technology to remove viruses from the air and visualize harmful substances. It controls the four environments of temperature, sound, air, and visibility, and creates a space for peace of mind. By 2025, DENSO will provide such products to be mounted in vehicles and public spaces.

Support for People: Building a Society that Expands People’s Potential
DENSO will apply its expertise beyond automotive, striving for sales of 300 billion yen in the 3 fields of agriculture, logistics, and factory automation by 2030.

Strengthening Software Capabilities

The role of software in mobility is expanding – from helping achieve zero CO2 emissions to eliminating traffic accidents and optimizing connectivity. To provide value to customers and continue to attract top talent, DENSO will participate in industry groups standardizing software’s application in mobility to focus on. It will also establish the Electronic PF/Software Management Department on June 1, 2021, as well as accelerate the reassignment of 1,000 employees to software development and 2,000 employees to new growth areas, like CASE products. Together, these activities will help the company quickly deliver leading-edge in-vehicle software to customers.

Incorporating Sustainability into Financial Management Strategies

DENSO is implementing management changes that will help solve social issues and accelerate business growth. It will do this by:
– Expanding production and sales of CASE products and new mobility technologies.
Reducing fixed costs.
– Targeting a research and development expenditure of 450 billion yen and a capital expenditure of 350 billion.

These will help DENSO reach the following targets:
– A return on equity (ROE) of over 10% by 2025.
– An operating income margin of 10% in 2025.
– A direct operating expense (DOE) of at least 3.0%.

Please see presentation slides from below link.

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