The escalation of toxins in our environment has reached a critical level. 

Exhausted gases, polluted water, smoke, dust, electro-magnetic waves and even cosmetics contains toxins which attacks the human body silently, resulting in acceleration of aging, mental and physical malfunctions, and un-happiness. 

Heavy metals are natural components based in the crust of the Earth. They enter the body via food, water and air. They are cumulative poison and dangerous, says medical researcher Alan Levine, MD.

Unfortunately, no matter how ideal your lifestyle is, how clean your place, how careful you are, rich or poor, you are still exposed to the dangers of metal pollutants.

LEAD is one of the most toxic trace element that affects everyone. It can be both ingested and inhaled.  Most water pipes consist of lead, some cooking utensils, tin cans – used for food and pesticide sprays, leaded gasoline and cigarette smoke.

Lead is used in tobacco fertilizer. Symptoms of lead poisoning: nervousness, fatigue, muscular problems, high blood pressure, constipation, irritability and indigestion. Chronic toxicity involves un-explainable aches and pains, mental disorder, memory loss, and emotional imbalance. 

CADMIUM is a heavy metal which is dangerous, because it rapidly leaves the blood and quickly absorbed by the tissues, making it hard to trail. Like lead, it is pervasive in air, food and water.It can decrease immune function response due to its damaging effect on the kidneys, liver, lungs and cardio vascular system. 

Cadmium is released in the air by industrial contaminants – detergents, refined petroleum products, coatings in marine and aerospace application, fertilizers, alloys and electric compounds. 

MERCURY is the oldest common global pollutant, with a complex chemical and physical properties. Its major natural sources: the bottom sheet of the Earth, emissions from volcanoes and evaporation from bodies of water. World-wide mining leads to mercury discharge in the atmosphere. 

In 1950’s, in Minamata, Japan, mercury residue concentrating in the flesh of fish was found to be the cause of the infamous mercury related calamity, which involved 500 fatalities. Fishermen in Minamata, including their families suffered blurred vision, numbness which progressed to paralysis, birth defects and abnormalities. 

Sir Isaac Newton was reportedly had a bout of insanity while using mercury quicksilver in his experiments. When he finally decided to stop experimenting heavy metals, his vitality and brilliance was never recovered.   

Mercury can be found in pesticides, pharmaceutical medicines, cosmetics, dental substances such as amalgam fillings, ocean fish, to name a few.

Moreover, it can be absorbed easily through the skin. 

ALUMINUM, another poisonous metal used in food additives, bleached flour, plant foods, junk foods, antacids, gardening substance, drugs and even salt! It is processed from bauxite ore found in surface of tropical forests. It has been implicated in schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

On the other hand, some metals like Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Magnesium, Copper, are essential to maintain the metabolism of the human body. In fact, it can rid of toxins. The bright side, there are ways to counter-act and purge the accumulated toxins in the body. 

Natural Medicine for Detoxification:

Vitamins & Minerals with Dosages: Vitamin A (5000 IU), Vitamin C (2,000mg), Vitamin E (400 IU), Vitamin B-Complex (50 mg/for each B vitamin content), Vitamin D ((400-1000 IU), Zinc (15 mg), Selenium (50-200 micrograms), Potassium (2000-6000 mg), Iron (10 mg) – all these vitamins are best taken after breakfast or lunch, with water,. Calcium (500mg) & Magnesium (350 mg), favorably taken before bed time. The duration of the mineral intake, is one month or as necessary. 

Food Sources: Sea vegetables – kelp, sea weeds, kombu, dulse, hajiki: Vegetables – spinach, asparagus, kale, cucumber, squash, watermelon, swiss chard, pine-apple. Bee pollen and bee propolis. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso. Grains, beets, chlorophyll, nutritional yeast and olive oil. 

Herbal Therapy: Eulethero or popularly known as Siberian Ginseng (2 ml, extract) take in-between meals. Bio-Strath, a liquid herbal yeast (1 tsp, 2-3x/day). Green tea (3-9 grams, tea form), preferably taken during day time. Duration, 3 months or as required. 

Additionally, avoid processed foods and drinks, hydrate with good quality water, engage in a cardio exercise, eat organically grown foods, chew your meal well, breathe fresh air regularly, sauna bath to sweat, adequate sleep, meditate, think positive, embrace the grace of the moment and let love reign in your soul, every single day. 


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