DND arsenal employee dies in alleged accidental firing

LIMAY, Bataan — A 57 year-old ballistician was killed after he was allegedly shot by a colleague during the test firing of newly-manufactured bullets inside the Department of National Defense (DND) Government Arsenal in Barangay Lamao of this industrial town, Wednesday afternoon.

Limay police chief, Police Major Emelito Dela Cruz, identified the victim as Juanito Oria, 57, a resident of Barangay Capunitan, Orion, Bataan. 

Police investigation revealed that the incident happened inside the Ballistics Accuracy Testing Range of the said government installation where both the victim and his colleague, Luisito Hacinas, 40, also a ballistician, were on the process of testing the M16 ammunitions using a testing rifle within a 200 meter range. 

Hacinas served as the firer while the victim was positioned near the target area and the one in-charge  in verifying and changing target papers by using only handheld radio in their communication. 

A few minutes later, suspect (Hacinas) after firing 30 rounds, the victim allegedly failed to response in radio despite several callings.  

Hacinas then decided to check his co-worker in the firing range but was allegedly surprised when he saw his colleague lying on the ground with lone gunshot wound on his back and exited on his stomach. 

The victim was rushed to St. Michael Hospital in Orion, Bataan but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.