DOE cites consumers’ role in energy chain

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE — An official of the Department of Energy (DOE) called on Filipinos for their constant involvement in coping with changes in the country’s energy chain.

“This generation has now put our world at stake, and as its caretakers, we are being called—regardless of which sector we belong to—and urgently requested to respond. As we will always be energy users, we are now prospective agents of change—and change begins in us,” DOE Luzon Field Office Officer-In-Charge Reynaldo Liganor said during the Clark leg of the DOE E-Power Mo Smart Energy Utilization Forum and Stakeholders Conference.

Likewise, Liganor expressed his enthusiasm for the great number of attendees, which is approximately 700 participants from various sectors.

“This campaign intends to empower and educate the public regarding [our] critical role in the entire energy chain. We are convened to relay the vital information on the fast-evolving developments in the energy sector as we become wiser in utilizing energy and gain ground in energy resilience,” he shared.

“E-Power Mo aims to make practical and effective use of the available energy resources that we fortunately have. E-Safety Mo urges the energy consumers to be responsible of their own actions as they prioritize safety measures through energy regulation. E-Secure Mo ensures that [you] are being given a touch of inclusive provision of quality and affordable energy services, while E-Diskarte Mo is anchored to promote new alternatives in terms of energy consumption,” Liganor explained.

Through this activity, he said the participants as learners become educators and agents of change.

“We then have the power to utilize conventional, renewable, and alternative energy resources. We then have to battle at all ends to let the energy campaign expand its reach and grow more in number. In the end, we remain partners in asserting progress in the overall economic growth of the country,” he stressed.

Furthermore, the official underscored that all collaborative efforts will intensify in propelling sustainable energy development that shall be the key to sustain life.

E-Power Mo is part of DOE’s continuing effort to invest knowledge and sound information to energy consumers and stakeholders.

It highlights energy programs, opportunities, development plans and policies, financing, and best practices, as well as energy supply and demand outlook.

Aside from the plenary, it had six breakout sessions focusing on Downstream Oil and Natural Gas Sector, Upstream Sector, Renewable Energy Sector, Power Sector, Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficiency Sector, and Consumer Sector.

Prior to this, a similar activity was held in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. (CLJD/JRAA-PIA 3)Jean Ricelle A. Aquino

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