DPWH begins construction of new bridge in Maria Aurora

BALER, Aurora — Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has started the construction of a new bridge in barangay Kadayakan in Maria Aurora.

This structure will replace the decades-old temporary single lane bridge that although still passable, is considered by local authorities to be a threat to safety of motorists.

“The P168 million bridge project would be safer for drivers because it is more stable, durable,” DPWH Aurora District Engineer Roderick Andal said.

It will include safety features such as the construction of flood control revetment at the bridge site to prevent and mitigate scour in the event of flooding.

The bridge will also greatly help in improving connectivity in the landlocked town of Aurora.

Funded under the 2021 General Appropriations Act, this project will connect the adjacent barangays of Kadayakan and Bayanihan.

It covers the renovation of the 240.00-meter roadway, construction of a bridge structure with an area of 1,431.00 sq.m., and construction of 990.00-meter-long flood control structures.