DTI urges public to maximize use of digital technology


Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) stressed the benefits of digital technology, citing that it is embedded practically in all aspects of our lives.

In her keynote message during the TOUCHPOINT: A Central Luzon Business Conference, DTI Undersecretary for Regional Operations Group Blesila Lantayona said that undeniably, digital connection is our touchpoint.

“Undeniably, digital connection is our touchpoint. The information and communication technology superhighway binds as all as we do our job, as we buy and sell, as we complain, even as we deliver products and services. From ordering breakfast to arranging weddings, information and communication technology is there,” she said. 

After more than a year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become digital citizens by innovating or maximizing the use of modern technology to cope and survive. 

“Especially in this new normal, we count on technology to tide us through difficult situations this pandemic has brought us to. More than ever, we do online transactions now because of safety considerations. We have our food delivered rather than go to restaurants. We buy groceries online rather than risk our health by queuing physically,” she quipped. 

Lantayona said that even the government largely depends on technology to bring in services to the people. 

“It is dependent on it when transacting with stakeholders, other government agencies, and private sector organizations. In fact, government is one of the biggest clients of internet service providers. Daily, we conduct our meetings and conferences online; we send our reports online; we converse with policy makers, decision makers, and clients online,” she said. 

Despite these benefits, Lantayona said there are still limitations that the new normal cannot fully provide. 

“Take the case of trade fairs. For now, the virtual trade fairs are not as palatable as the actual physical trade fairs. But let’s admit it, they provide a good degree of exposure to our micro small and medium enterprises, resulting in sales. Also, there are certain skills-based seminars that could not be executed effectively in a webinar. Still, we continue to find ways to provide learning and bring services to our clients,” she added.

She also added that not all innovations are solely based on modern technology, but on common sense as well. 

“All these innovations we adopt and do in the new normal, the better normal, should be a combination of common sense and the effective use of modern technology to touch base with and continue to serve our stakeholders more efficiently and safely,” she said. 

With this, she urged the public to maximize information technology and innovations not just to tide us over through the pandemic, but to serve better and live better.