Easing the restrictions

JUNE 1 SAW the transition from ECQ to MECQ to  a more relaxed General Community Quarantine.

People in Central Luzon heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the news of the transition. But they are still aware of the restrictions accompanying the new situation they are in now: the wearing of the mandatory masks, social and physical distancing washing of hands capped by sanitizers and the ubiquitous curfew hours.

Most probably, quarantines may be enforced till the end of the year or beyond. The national authorities, particularly the health officials, decide for all the next best measure to keep us safe and alive.

At the Clark Development Corporation, inside the Clark Freeport Zone, I coil venture a statement that there are no alarming news of the COVID 19.

The ingress and egress movements are far stricter than in areas outside it.
There are areas in Pampanga which are not yet tainted by the disease and that leaders of which observe the care and protocols as those with several cases.

I can mention Arayat and Magalang as COVID-free as of this moment.

*    *    *

The scandalous social amelioration program. Another dismal failure is the government’s social amelioration program handled mainly by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, aided by the Department of Interior and Local Government, both headed by former generals.

The program, aimed at helping the most deserving beneficiaries, initially failed on the proper identification of mandatory beneficiaries. As a result, massive duplication of names was registered with the list of the DSWD, thus those deserving were not listed and those not deserving were listed, even twice, including the dead beneficiaries.

Even barangay chairmen and kagawads helped themselves with the assistance funds, ignoring the prohibition that government employees are not to receive the assistance. Wives, brothers, sisters and just about every relative were given the assistance, depriving the most deserving of the assistance.

Ah, such fallacy, such dismal failure!

Every time the government dishes out grand programs, it fails to implement them truthfully and completely.

And reports have it that the recipients resorted to illegal gambling and sabong after receiving their SAP shares. Asus, poor DSWD, it has once again failed in its mission and task, as always.