Eastern Communications reaches 73% employee vaccination

Eastern Communications, one of the premier telecommunications companies in the country, announced that 73% of its employees have already received COVID-19 vaccines.  

This is in line with the company’s robust internal program prioritizing their health and safety in the workplace, especially among the telco’s essential workers, as the country pivots to economic recovery. 

With more than half of its workers vaccinated, Eastern Communications is more determined to continue providing quality service among its clients and partners nationwide. 

“Telecommunications workers are also frontliners at this time as we cater to businesses and households that rely on the internet to continue their operations, work, or online classes. It’s our responsibility as an employer to keep our employees safe when they are on field so that we can continuously and confidently provide our products and services to our clients,” shared Eastern Communications COVID-19 Task Force Chairman Rene Castillo. 

More employees are also expected to get vaccinated of their own volition for the rest of the year.

“While the rest of our employees are getting vaccinated, we will still ensure strict compliance with the health and safety protocols set by the IATF. Our goal is to inoculate all the employees who want to be vaccinated by end of the year so we could deliver the best of our High Tech and High Touch service to our customers,” Castillo added. 

Earlier this year, Eastern Communications announced their procurement of Moderna vaccines and offered non-mandatory free vaccination among their employees. The vaccination program was also extended to their employees’ family members at cost.  

For more information, visit eastern.com.ph.

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