EdPam to Tarzan: ‘Move on from your loss’

“Lazatin’s accusations are all lies. He accused me of the same and filed ​four cases in the ​O​mbudsman that were all dismissed for lack of merit. All alleged overpriced projects he mentioned passed the COA (Commission on Audit) and Ombudsman thru random check. The alleged ghost deliveries were not ghosts at all but real deliveries,” said Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan.

“The people have already spoken in 2013 when I beat Lazatin by a landslide. If all his accusations are true, how come it does not hold water in the O​mbudsman or courts? I understand his bitterness from the defeat he suffered in 2013. He should move on,” Pamintuan added.

“Finally, they can ask the businessmen if I asked for money or concessions for my personal gain. I haven’t received a single centavo from them that is why they are always helping Ospital Ning Angeles. The Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce donated the Renal Care Unit building. The NEPO Center donated cardiac and dialysis machines, including a fire truck and tow truck. Mall giants like Marquee and SM built new buildings and condominiums; ask them too if I asked for money. There has been an increase of more than 30% in new businesses in the city since 2010. If I’ve been asking from them would they still come to the city?” Pamintuan pointed out.

The Pamintuan camp said they will file a libel case against the Lazatins.

In a text message, Malabanias Barangay Chairman Rey Gueco also belied Lazatin’s accusation.

“Hindi po tinanggap ni Mayor Pamintuan ang ​P​5 ​m​illion. Pinabalik niya yun. Nagdonate na lamang po ng ambulansya para sa city ang kompanyang yun,” Gueco stressed.

Pamintuan also revealed his plan to run for Congress should there be elections in 2019.

“Matatalo na naman ang mga Lazatin sa 2019 kaya ganyan sila ngayon,” he said.

“While I am busy with build, build, build, they are busy with rehash, rehash, rehash. Truly, a trademark of a TRAPO. This is my last statement on this matter,” Pamintuan said. (Press Release)