ePLDT, Microsoft partnership empowers customers in perimeter-less environment

ePLDT, the ICT arm of PLDT Enterprise, and Microsoft marked another year in their longstanding collaboration of delivering innovative services to customers, addressing market needs, and fortifying the capacity-building of industries.

In a recent virtual Microsoft partner event, PLDT Vice-President and Head of ICT Business Nico Alcoseba highlighted how ePLDT’s strategic partnership with Microsoft allowed the PLDT Group to create real value for the organization and for their clients.

“Microsoft has helped us optimize the use of our own Microsoft platforms, making sure that we understand what the platform can bring and also how it can benefit our clients. We are also able to combine both Microsoft and ePLDT solutions to deliver value to clients; and at the same time, innovate our solutions and develop our capability roadmap,” he said.

The last 12 months have generated milestones for ePLDT with data center and cloud practices having reached all-time highs as they anchored on answering challenges that bring the most impact to customers. ePLDT currently holds eight gold competencies and two silver competencies across Microsoft’s technology domains.

“This is a clear proof point that deeply engaging the customers and sincerely caring about how we can help them comes back to the business in really big ways,” he added.

The tech company also recently assisted ePLDT in enabling organizations amid the unique environment. In the eLearning sector, for one, ePLDT deployed more than 400,000 Microsoft licenses for virtual classes to continue effectively.

“Microsoft has been a very strategic and holistic partner for the PLDT group where we leverage on each other’s strengths to empower the digital transformation of our mutual customers. Kudos to the Microsoft partnership team,” said Alcoseba.

He further expressed his gratitude to Microsoft for awarding ePLDT with the Tech Intensity Partner of the Year Award which it achieved through investing to elevate the skills of its people according to what clients had identified as critical to their needs.  

Microsoft Asia Pacific Director for Partner Business & Development Foong Chee Ngiam said that Microsoft’s focus is to ensure that their partners stay relevant to their customers.   

“One of the things we recognise is customers are looking for an end-to-end & integrated solution to solve business opportunities. Our job, our responsibility is connecting partners like ePLDT to the right partners and building an ecosystem that fits the customer,” said Foong Chee.

ePLDT has been working closely with Microsoft to develop its capability roadmap across different platforms in terms of tech intensity and has been an active partner of Microsoft in providing a slew of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, ePLDT Virtual Desktop, ePLDT Cloud Calling, among others. 

For more information, visit epldt.com.

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