Epson SEA projectors and large format printers win iF Design Award 2021

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) is proud to announce that its printers and projectors have been named iF Design Award 2021 winners by Hanover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH.

Created in 1953, the iF Design Award is recognized around the world as one of the most prestigious awards for innovative industrial product design excellence. Products are evaluated based on a wide range of criteria—including practicability, workmanship, consideration of environmental standards, degree of elaboration and innovation, functionality, usability, safety, aesthetics, and universal design. This year’s winners were selected from 10,000 entries from 52 countries and regions by a 98-member jury composed of experts from around the world.

Details of the award-winning Epson products: 

  • Professional photo printers (SC-P900/SC-P906/SC-P700/SC-P706)

(Equivalent models available in SE Asia are SC-P703 and SC-P903)

These photographic high-quality inkjet printers supporting the A2 extra and A3 extra sizes achieve an outstanding compact size with exceptional expressive power for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. After ten years, we reviewed the image quality, unit size, exterior design, and usability from scratch to create flagship models fit to lead a new era of photograph production.

  • Large format printers (R5000/R5000L, SCR5070/SCR5070L)

(Equivalent models available in SE Asia are SC-R5030 and SC-R5030L)

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These are Epson’s first resin-ink printers for large-sign vendors. Equipped with precision media handling developed for earlier models and technology for exceptional print quality, they provide improved environmental performance and productivity. For outstanding environmental performance, Epson used aqueous resin ink containing a low volatile organic compound (VOC), and reduced waste by about 80% by using high-capacity ink packs instead of ink cartridges. For higher productivity, resin ink not only enables excellent print quality with a wide color gamut, but dries quickly, to deliver output in a short time. This ink also boasts excellent media compatibility and supports a wide range of media other than PVC. The use of two sets of high-capacity ink packs enables hot swaps and continuous operation.

A wide transparent window and LED lighting allow users to quickly check prints. A resin exterior is used for safe operation of the parts operated manually, and a front full-open cover is used for ease of maintenance. By reducing the replacement frequency and using two sets of high-capacity ink packs, Epson allows ink to be hot-swapped, thereby avoiding interruptions to operations and reducing operators’ workloads.

  • Mini laser smart projector (EF-12)

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Millennials and those in Generation Z are particularly apt to watch movies and videos online, and the EF-12 was designed with them in mind. It’s equipped with Android TV, so users can easily watch videos as long as there is Wi-Fi, just as they can with a smartphone. With many people favoring minimalism by keeping their homes simple and uncluttered, this projector’s clean and simple styling makes it a fit for any décor even when not in use. And when it is in use, it delivers a powerful video experience that belies its small size and lightweight, with a picture up to 150 inch and a 2.0-channel speaker.

  • Smart laser projection TV (EH-LS300B/EH-LS300W)

(Model available in SE Asia is EH-LS300B)

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The EH-LS300 is a home projector equipped with an ultra-short-throw lens. You can easily create a home theater with a screen of up to 120 inches simply by placing the projector in front of a wall. The laser light source produces 3,600 lumens so you can enjoy vivid images even in a bright living room. The 2.1-channel speaker system provides excellent sound quality and a realistic 3D surround experience, so there is no need to purchase a sound bar. The projector is intended for use in the living room but is portable and can be carried to a bedroom or set up outdoors for projection on an exterior wall. The bottom is rounded to make it easy to carry.

  • Digital signage projectors (EB-L255F/EB-L250F/EB-L200W)

(Model available in SE Asia is EB-L200W)

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These projectors can project sharp, vivid images in well-lit environments, such as meeting rooms and in-store displays. Whereas earlier models used a lamp light source that limits projection angles, this projector uses a laser light source, which sweeps away these limitations and allows it to be used even for things such as spatial staging and signage. The projector delivers up to 4,500 lumens of brightness yet is extremely compact, so it will be an unobtrusive presence within a store. The laser light source has a long service life, so it can be used safely even in applications where it is on for long periods of time.

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