GIBO backs infra projects to boost agri sector

Former Defense Secretary and senatorial candidate Gilbert (GIBO) Teodoro supports the building of more farm-to-market roads and other infrastructures across the country that will raise the productivity and competitiveness of agricultural produce.

Gibo Teodoro, a former Tarlac congressman, said that there is still a wide disparity on prices of agricultural products between farm gate and retail prices.

“These farm-to-market roads will help to bring down transport cost of delivering agricultural products to our local wet markets and supermarkets, which according to the Department of Trade and Industry shares 27 percent of the total operating cost,” Teodoro said.

To support of farms’ productivity, Teodoro said building water impounding facilities will help farmers to avoid severe flooding and mitigate impacts of drought.

“We need these kinds of infrastructure to improve our agriculture sector and raise the income of our farmers,” Teodoro said. “We should build these (infrastructures) and build these faster.”