Harley-Davidson’s to launch 2023 motors in PH on its 120th annniversary

Established since 1903, Harley-Davidson will be  celebrating their 120th year with a slew of launches and activities, starting with new models from their new 2023 line-up. From 22 April, customers can check-out the 2023 Harley Davidson® motorcycle fleet across all dealerships in The Philippines, including the CVO™  Road Glide® Limited in a serialized Anniversary model, and five additional limited-edition  motorcycles in exclusive 120th Anniversary commemorative paint, finishes and details as  well as carryover models in new colorways.

The 2023 offering from the world’s most desirable motorcycle brand includes a refreshed  Harley-Davidson Breakout® performance cruiser model, the new Nightster® Special  middleweight sport motorcycle, and a 2023 limited-edition restyled and blacked-out  Freewheeler® Trike model. The line-up also includes carryover models in new colorways,  such as the Sportster® S, Street Glide® Special, Street Glide® ST, Fat Boy® 114, Road  King® Special, Road Glide® Special, Road Glide® ST, Ultra Limited and the Pan America™ 1250 Special.  

Fans and newcomers to this iconic brand can have a first look at the limited-edition  motorcycles, 2023 editions and carryover models in new colorways, with prices for the new  models starting from PHP 1,030,000 and carry over model prices starting from PHP  990,000 respectively.

The complete line of 2023 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Genuine Harley-Davidson®  Accessories and Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® gear and apparel are now available at  authorized Harley-Davidson® dealerships and can be viewed at H-D.com.

New Models for the 2023 Fleet

Gearing up riders in pursuit of timeless adventure, a range of models will see new features  and additions for Harley-Davidson riders and bike enthusiasts.  

The Breakout® model is upgraded in 2023, flexing more muscle and flashing bright new  styling over its long-and-lean chopper profile. The muscle is provided by the Milwaukee Eight® 117 V-Twin engine, the pinnacle of torque and displacement in a factory-installed,  regular-production Harley-Davidson® powertrain that gives the Breakout rider instant  bragging rights on the street.  

Enhancing the rider’s experience, the Nightster® Special’s performance will be delivered  by the Revolution® Max 975T liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, tuned to make tremendous  torque at low RPM. To minimize overall motorcycle weight the engine is integrated into the  vehicle as the central member of the chassis.

120th Anniversary Paint Schemes and New Colorways for Carryover Models  Celebrating 120 years of craftsmanship, and to showcase the mastery of aesthetics and a  homage to their classics, a Special 120th Anniversary paint will be available in different  schemes and offered on six limited-production Harley-Davidson® models, where the color  and design combinations are inspired by early Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  

Featuring one of the most intricate paint schemes ever offered by Harley-Davidson. The  bikes are adorned with panels of their signature Heirloom Red applied over a base coat of  Anniversary Black, each outlined with a bright red pinstripe and a hand-applied gold paint  scallop with subtle details within the panels to portray the head and wings of a soaring  eagle. The Anniversary Collection includes the Street Glide® Special, the Ultra Limited, the  Road Glide® Special, Fat Boy, Heritage Classic, and the very limited-edition, super premium CVO™ Road Glide® Limited model.

Carryover models will also be introduced with new color schemes for the following models: – Sportster® S in Bright Billiard Blue

– Street Glide® Special in Bright Billiard Blue/ Billiard Grey in Chrome Finish – Street Glide® ST in White Sand Pearl  

– Fat Boy® 114 in Bright Billiard Blue  

– Road King® Special in Industrial Yellow

– Road Glide® Special in Atlas Silver Metallic  

– Road Glide® ST in White Sand Pearl

– Ultra Limited in Grey Haze with Black Finish  

– Pan America™ 1250 Special in Grey Haze/Industrial Yellow/ White Sand with Laced  Wheels  

More Cruise Control and Traction Control  

Electronic cruise control will be a standard feature for the Fat Boy®, Fat Bob®, Breakout®,  Low Rider® S models, and remains standard on Low Rider® ST, Heritage Classic and Sport  Glide® models.  

Traction Control System will be offered as a new option for the Breakout®, Low Rider® S  and Low Rider® ST models. Traction control is designed to prevent the rear wheel from  excessive spinning under acceleration. The rider may turn traction control off using a  button on the hand control.

Harley-Davidson stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul. Go  to H-D.com to learn more about the complete line of 2023 Harley-Davidson® Grand  American Touring, Sport, Adventure Touring, Cruiser and Trike motorcycles, Harley Davidson Certified™ pre-owned motorcycles, Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts &  Accessories, Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® gear, and Harley-Davidson Financial  Services.

For more details on the special 120th models and hi-res images please click here. Please  credit Harley-Davidson for the use of these images. 

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