Hilton Clark chefs shine at Philippine Culinary Cup 2023

Culinary artisans of Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort have emerged victorious in the recently concluded Philippine Culinary Cup 2023.

The Philippine Culinary Cup 2023 captivated the epicurean world with a display of gastronomic artistry.

Distinguished by a rich mosaic of intense culinary duels, the event showcased the finest talents from across the nation, drawing over 50 companies into its spirited culinary competition.

Over four intense days, participants demonstrated unparalleled creativity, technical precision, and a relentless commitment, elevating this year’s competition to unprecedented heights.

Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort is thrilled to unveil the distinguished awardees from the celebrated Philippine Culinary Cup 2023. They are as follows:

* Young Chefs Team Challenge Silver Medalists: Justine Dela Paz and Joshua Dayan
* U.S. Poultry Competition Bronze Medalist: Joshua Dayan
* Sous Vide Showdown Bronze Medalist: Franz Schneider Bongabong
* Dream Team Challenge Bronze Medalists (Team 1): Jenny Punzalan, Ralph Ascano, and Elliott Dulay
* Silver Medalists (Team 2): Diego Nunag, John Joseph Ybañez, and Bienvenido Sardoma
* Filipino Culinary Showcase Bronze Medalists: Alfred Icban and Alvin David

The Hilton Clark management said “these accolades stand as a resounding testament to the brilliance that defines the Philippines’ culinary panorama, a vivid and ever-evolving tapestry that continues to captivate discerning palates around the globe.”

Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort showcases its exceptional culinary team’s virtuosity through its revered dining establishments – Olive, Xi, and Treat – complemented by its distinguished banquet and catering services.

Hilton Clark invites visitors to “savour the anticipation as these award-honored creations are poised to grace the resort’s outlets in the near future.”

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