How are media consumed? The Relationship Between People and Media

Modern times of society have differed much from even a decade ago. From the very way we absorb content and communicate to the new aggressive forms of marketing, so much has changed. 

Ten years ago, communication was limited to a simple cell phone call, postal mail, email and only as much as an Instant Message through a very slow 56k internet connection. Today there are endless ways to digest communication and informational content. It has been so much a drastic change in our everyday lives that losing these certain capabilities, even momentarily can easily put a damper on someone’s work and personal life. 

According to Falcione, Holman (2012) English 101, media can be used in so many different platforms. It can somehow be part of our personal lives as most of our activities are based from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Media consumption in social media can also result to the drastic change of people especially with their work habits because they tend to focus more on social media. Media can also be consumed through television which they offer a lot or variety of contents such as news, entertainment, and more. 

Through this, they are able to know and be updated about the recent happenings in the world. According to Falcione (2012) on his article about Media Consumption on non-western country, “technology and social media have become the focus for most teenagers and young adults. 

Contrary to the assumption that western countries are the only nations that have a population obsessed with media, statistics have shown that other developing countries are experiencing a significant increase in advanced technology usage such as smartphones and internet usage.” During the 1980s the emergence and increasing use of television increased media research into consumption in an everyday context, addressing the domestic, the family and its contribution to daily life. When it comes to consumption, relevant elements must be considered, these especially incorporate social, cultural, economical, innovative unrest viewpoints. 

Firstly, taking a gander at those social setting done connection to networking consumption, the social connection may be organized also formed through out families, friends, companions and social organizations. “Media consumption and interpersonal relationships are closely interlinked. It is erroneous to treat media communication as existing separate from or simply interfering with interpersonal communication‟ Seiter (1999: 2). 

“Practitioners of the uses and gratifications theory study the ways the public consumes media. This theory states that consumers use the media to satisfy specific needs or desires. For example, you may enjoy watching a show like Dancing With the Stars while simultaneously tweeting about it on Twitter with your friends. Many people use the Internet to seek out entertainment, to find information, to communicate with like-minded individuals, or to pursue self-expression. Each of these uses gratifies a particular need, and the needs determine the way in which media is used. 

By examining factors of 

different groups‟ media choices, researchers can determine the motivations behind media use. Papacharissi (2009).” This article attemps to explain how Uses and Gratification Theory is being used in the convenience of the people in the modern world. This theory explains how communication has been a necessity and now a part of the everyday life of the people. This theory seeks to understand why people use media and what they use it for. This paper tries to explain how people use media to satisfy their needs in the easiest way. Especially in the modern times that the people live mostly with the help of technology.

Media effects include theories that explain how the mass media influence the attitudes and perceptions of audience members. Media effects represent one of the core ideas of communication research. This article attemps to explain how the mass media influence the attitudes and perceptions of the consumers. 

There are different reactions and outcomes from the people who uses media. Some use media for information which can lead them to acquire more knowledge. Some consumers use media for entertainment and for convenience as well. Social networking has already completely changed the way people interact in the world, but also it is advancing more to make it easier to access. 

Now social networking is becoming mobile and can be accessed through the use of a cell phone. It is thought to be a great idea and would increase the use of social networking since a lot of people carry cell phones with them at all times. People can use mobile phones to update their status, post comments, upload photos, send messages, and update profile from just about anywhere (Kharif, 2006). According to this article, social networking sites plaays a huge role in people‟s life nowadays. It has been part of people’s daily lives and in that way sometimes their lives depend on social media. Apart from positive effects of social media, social networking does have negative effects as well, but are nothing compared to the advantages of using it. These sites reduce the amount of face-to-face socializing and replace it with online interaction which is believed to result in low quality relationships with other people. This article shows how personal interactions are being compromised due to the over use of social networking sites which is not that good because personal interactions are very important to develop one’s personality and face-to-face interactions are very much important. – Chanylle Graze Yandan – Intern