‘How To Talk To Strangers’ book seeks to help people decrease anxiety, build confidence

(ACN Newswire) – A new self-help book, How To Talk To Strangers by Kerrie Phipps, was launched globally along with the co-authors of the book, reaching over 1000 people through the event was aired live on Facebook and Youtube. 

The book is an invitation to think more deeply about how you connect with others, so you don’t overlook essential connections or risk missing opportunities to impact people and the chance to change your own life in the process. 

Kerrie Phipps, the Author and publisher, says, “Stories of the kindness of strangers are so moving, the impression they have on people, and the power of encouragement in our lives – strangers or friends, family, colleagues, and it was vital to share some in a book.”

At the launch, Coen Tan, Director of Ministry of Influence, said, “I grew up as a socially awkward child who was often bullied in school. I was even referred to the Institute of Mental Health for treatment for depression. However, over time, I’ve developed my speaking and social skills and now, I train and coach leaders internationally to inspire through their stories. I hope that my stories in this book will inspire people, that like me; they too can find their voice and connect confidently with strangers.”

Krescendo Communications, Founder, and Global Goodwill Ambassador for Singapore, Malaysia and India, Ganesh Somwanshi, one of the contributors, quips, “I am fascinated with connecting with people since I am in the business of communications. This book is the manifesto of connecting with strangers, a work of light amid dark times. Let us embrace the new normal; let us connect with the world with an open heart and mind. Together we can we shall.”

Cathy Johnson, Authentic Leadership Coach, shares, “It’s so beautiful to read (and hear) stories of how a stranger can build your confidence – and they often have no idea they’re doing it! Let’s keep coming together and building our relationships with each other.”

Conor O’Malley, Executive Coach, Author of “Trust – Begins and Ends with Self”, adds, “I feel I have talked to strangers all my life, however never really seen it that way. I see strangers as real people with a story to share. I hope my stories in this book serve you well when it comes to having a conversation with someone or trusting yourself to reach out to a stranger.”

Anupama Singal, Fashion & Technology Entrepreneur, Speaker, Creator & Co-author of SYZYGYmoments, notes, “This book is all about how talking to strangers can sometimes be a life-changing experience and how you could find meaningful connections with strangers. It feels great to be a contributor and share some memorable experiences from my life.”

Brandhood Media Founder and Thought Leadership Brand Specialist Nathan Shooter, “When you push beyond your fear, to enter the world of others, you’ll discover those small conversations can create big change. People are looking to you for hope and connection, now more than ever.”

The insightful Foreword by Masami Sato concludes with, “I invite you to ponder on the power of human connection with me and with us – no matter whether you think you are an extrovert or an introvert. Surprisingly, it starts with just one conversation, one smile, one interaction. That is all it takes – a look, a smile and a conversation. It’s powerful. And it really can change our world.”

Click https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0994157347/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i4 to buy the book in digital or print format. Kerrie’s other books include DO Talk To Strangers – How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere and the sequel, DO Talk To Strangers Travel Toolkit.

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