iAcademy Alumni Forge Unconventional Career Paths to Industry Heights

When it comes to building a career, following one’s passion often isn’t the obvious choice. Many people feel compelled to pursue traditional professions due to cultural and societal expectations, as these paths are perceived to offer more stability and financial security. Because of a lack of awareness or understanding of the potential opportunities and growth within the creative industry, unconventional career paths are often seen as riskier compared to more common options. However, some individuals dare to follow these unconventional paths, pursuing their passion and becoming true game changers in the process.

Forging Unconventional Career Paths

Berlin Alamnon, graduate of BS Game Development with Specialization in Game Programming and Design batch 2021

Berlin Almanon’s journey into the world of 3D printing and game design is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Initially, he was on a path to becoming a doctor, following his parents’ wishes by enrolling as a MedTech student. However, his heart was set on art, and he eventually shifted to game development. Berlin enrolled at iAcademy, a decision that would significantly shape his future. “I felt like I was at the right place at the right time,” he recalls. The academy’s environment was perfect for him, providing both the resources and the freedom to explore unconventional career path. It was here that Berlin’s late nights of art practice were transformed by a serendipitous invitation to a Z-Brush workshop—a software essential for 3D art. Attending this workshop once a week, Berlin delved deep into the world of 3D artistry, a field he found incredibly fulfilling.

Graduating in 2021 during the pandemic presented its own set of challenges. The job market was tough, and Berlin, like many of his peers, struggled to find a foothold. His first job was as a game designer at a startup company, a role he embraced even though his initial career path had been geared towards 3D artistry. However, the love for 3D art never waned, and after a brief hiatus from work, Berlin returned to his original passion and started Gizmo 3D Printing Hub. What started as a hobby, inspired by his love for tabletop games, quickly grew into a small business. Berlin began taking commissions from friends, creating miniatures and other game-related items. Together with his fiancée, who shared his enthusiasm for hobbies like playing cards, Berlin transformed this side hustle into a full-fledged business.

Emman Riñoza, graduate of AB Fashion Design and Technology batch 2023

Emman Riñoza always knew he was destined for the world of fashion. Since he graduated in 2023, he started carving a unique niche in the industry with his own brand, Emmanuel Riñoza, which promotes gender-less fashion. Initially inspired by the diverse forms of fashion he encountered at iAcademy, Emman pursued couture and honed his skills during an internship with renowned designer Mark Bumgarner. Despite the challenges of starting his own brand, Emman’s belief in fashion as a form of storytelling and his commitment to innovation and non-conformity set his work apart. With a focus on long-term fulfillment, he continues to inspire others to follow their passions and redefine industry norms with his choice to take an unconventional career path.

Aaron Formilleza, graduate of BS Animation batch 2017

Aaron Formilleza is another success in the world of animation. His story is one of transformation and innovation as he traversed Japan to pursue and further develop his career in animation. Currently, he is a Storyboard Artist and 3D Director at AKA Virtual Japan.Aaron’s approach to animation is characterized by his versatility, he explained, “I don’t limit myself to a single anime art style; I explore a variety of styles, which brings a fresh perspective here in Japan. This flexibility is crucial, and it’s something I believe I’ve honed in when I was still an animation student in iAcademy. The learning environment helped me find my style and explore different art styles which let me have a wide-range of skills that let me adapt to Japan’s unique 2D Japanese animation.” This flexibility has set Aaron apart in the competitive world of animation.

Irma de Jesus, graduate of AB Multimedia Arts batch 2022

Irma De Jesus, a Junior Art Director at IdeasXMachina Advertising believes that being in the art industry is her calling. Her journey into the advertising industry began shortly after graduating from iAcademy School of Design and Arts, a period marked by intense job hunting. “For me, a game changer takes risks, isn’t afraid to speak their mind, and is ready to take a leap of faith,” she says. These principles guided her as she transitioned from a student into the professional realm. “We are industry-ready,” Irma also notes. She shared that what makes her confident in excelling in the unconventional career path that she took is her intensive training that equipped her to build a lucrative career in a non-traditional setup out of her passion.

Reinventing Education for the Future

The success stories of Berlin, Emman, Aaron, and Irma show that building a career based on passion is not only achievable but can also lead to remarkable success. Their stories highlight that pursuing one’s passion, with the right support and resources, can indeed become a fulfilling and viable career. Institutions like iAcademy, dedicated to transforming education to align with the evolving demands of industries, cultivate gamechangers excelling in design, technology, and business. By supporting unconventional career paths, iAcademy shows how innovative education fosters creativity, innovation, and leadership, enabling students to excel in their chosen fields.

Start your journey to becoming a part of the next generation of game changers who will shape the future. For more information, visit www.iacademy.edu.ph.

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