Independence Day: Lunches With Diverse Flavors at Hilton Clark’s Crossover Buffet

Clark Freeport, Pampanga, Philippines— On June 12, my wife Minnie and I were invited by Hilton’s Ethel Joseph, Director of Sales, to immerse in the 125th Philippine Independence celebrations appreciating mixed menus with Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort’s Cuisine Crossover Buffet (June 10 to 12).

It was a can’t-miss indulgence. The weekend special crossover lunch featured top-choice meats, freshest seafood, and some of the most decadent dishes and desserts one can imagine.

We were warmly welcomed at the Olive by Outlet Manager Hazel Tarzona and Food & Beverage Director Mark Shears. We enjoyed the best Mediterranean taste, Cantonese cuisine and perfect coffee and snacks for P2,400 net from Hilton Clark’s specialty restaurants –Olive, Xi and Treat respectively.

Alongside are the best tasting buffet spreads, live band performances, and amazing prizes!

Yes it’s the third and final day of the crossover buffet, and by saving the best for last it’s worth savoring its enjoyable meals and glorious aftertaste.

Heartful thanks Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort!