‘Instalado’ indie film gets six awards in 2nd ToFarm Film Festival

Award-winning Kapampangan writer and director Jason Paul Laxamana’s film entry in the 2nd ToFarm Film Festival 2017 won six awards during the awards night on Sunday at Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila.

‘Instalado’ is a Filipino indie sci-fi film starred by McCoy De Leon, Jun-Jun Quintana and Francis Magundayao.

The awards are Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound, Best Production Design, People’s Choice and 3rd Best Picture.

Kapampangan environmentalist, educator, broadcaster turned multi-awarded indie film actress Cecile Yumul was also nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her cameo role as Frida.

“Thanks to everyone who was instrumental in the completion of this film. May Science Fiction continue to develop in Philippine Cinema, “Laxamana said in his Facebook post.

‘Instalado’ is a social science fiction set in a farming village in the not-so-distant future. Victor lives in a time when the dominant form of education is through installation, a process wherein bodies of knowledge can be installed directly into people’s brains using technology owned by big corporations.

However, like many others in the agricultural town of Porac, Victor cannot afford the sky-high cost of installation; which he believes is the key to escape his rural life. To raise money for installation, Victor abandons farming and works as the housekeep of a wealthy childhood friend who has become extremely successful after undergoing a series of installations.

The three competing Installation Centers in the Philippines: Invinci, Gift of Wisdom and Educore.

2nd ToFarm Film Festival 2017

TFFF is a brainchild of Dr. Milagros O. How, vice president of Universal Harvester Inc. in coordination with award-winning filmmaker Maryo J. Delos Reyes, festival director which was launched in 2016.
Dubbed as the first agriculture-themed award-giving body in the country, TFFF is aimed at uplifting the lives of the stewards of agriculture.
The theme for this year is “Planting the seeds of change.”
Christopher De Leon, award-winning film and TV actress & director Laurice Guillen, Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino member Mario Hernando, award-winning musical director Lutgardo Labad, and master film editor Jess Navarro composed this year’s jury.

The five other entries are Topel Lee’s Baklad, Tara Illenberger’s High Tide, Victor Acedilo Jr.’s Kamunggai (Malunggay), Byron Brant’s Sinandomeng, and Joseph Abello’s What Home Feels Like.

Here are the winners of the To Farm Film Fest 2017:

Best Picture: High Tide (Tara Illenberger)
Best Actor: Bembol Roco (What Home Feels Like) and Roger “Soe” Gonzales (Kamunggai)
Best Actress: Irma Adlawan (What Home Feels Like)
Best Supporting Actor: Francis Magundayao (Instalado)
Best Supporting Actress: Barbara Miguel (Instalado)
Best Sound: Instalado (WildSound)
Best Music: What Home Feels Like (Harold Nagai and Harold Andre Cruz Santos)
Best Production Design: Instalado (Mark Sabas)
Best Editing: High Tide (Michael Bayan Canino & Tara Illenberger)
Best Cinematography: High Tide (TM Malones)
Best Story: What Home Feels Like (Joseph Abello)
Best Screenplay: What Home Feels Like (Joseph Abello)
People’s Choice Award: Instalado