Bataan lawmaker lauds Laoag City’s memo prohibiting discrimination against LGBTs

Congresswoman Geraldine B. Roman, Representative of the First District of Bataan, commended the Laoag City government for prohibiting the use of the terms “bakla,” “tomboy,” transgender and the like in reference to the members of the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders) community.

Under a Memorandum which was recently released by the City Administrator of Laoag City, all heads of offices and employees of the city are prohibited from using any derogatory words to address, call, and describe co-employees who are members of the LGBT community.

Any employee of the city hall who is caught violating the Order will be charged administratively for conduct unbecoming, disrespect and insubordination. Roman applauded the Memorandum as one which will stop labelling and discrimination based on gender.

Roman, upon hearing of the news from this northern City said, “This is a giant step in the direction towards gender equality in this country. It definitely upholds the dignity of the members of the LGBT community. Labels do not define who we are.

” As human beings, we are much more than our sexual orientation and gender identity,” she said.

The solon from Bataan lauded Mayor Chevylle Fariñas and the entire city government for taking this bold action to show support to the Anti-Discrimination Bill. — MHIKE CIGARAL