JCI Manila launches COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign

To help put an end to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, premier leadership development organization JCI Manila is launching its vaccination awareness campaign that underscores the importance of vaccines to the Filipino public. Bearing the battle cry “Para sayo at sa kanila,” JCI Manila’s goal is to convince people to get vaccinated not only for their own sake but for their loved ones as well.

The campaign is done in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH), which signed a Memorandum of Understanding with JCI Manila in July to formalize the initiative. Prior to the signing, the organizations have already collaborated to spread vaccine awareness early in the year.

Under the project, JCI Manila will utilize a multi-channel approach to reach as many people as possible. It started with digital posters on social media, with plans to expand to major TV networks and newspaper publications. JCI Manila also touched base with various local government units across the National Capital Region to widen the reach and promote vaccination at the barangay level.

“Overcoming this health crisis requires effort from all of us. With the help of the DOH and our partners, we at JCI Manila are hoping that this message of collective hope and solidarity will convince everyone to get vaccinated. Spread the word! The sooner people get vaccinated, the sooner we can achieve herd immunity, end this nightmare, and finally go back to living our lives,” said JCI Manila President Richard Tamayo.

In addition to disseminating information, the campaign aims to better convey the safety and efficacy of the various vaccines available against COVID-19 through real-life testimonials from personalities. Furthermore, JCI Manila emphasizes how the benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the consequences of not getting it. Just imagine being once again able to walk and talk to people in public with no masks and face shields on, go to the airport and fly safely, go shopping and dining in crowded malls and restaurants, let kids run around safely, and just finally see loved ones in the flesh and hug them without fear of infection.

The campaign is JCI Manila’s response to the alarming number of Filipinos who are not confident in the idea of vaccination. According to the May 2021 Social Weather Stations survey, 68% of Filipinos are either uncertain or unwilling to get vaccinated, mainly due to fear of side effects. For JCI Manila, vaccination is of utmost importance as it brings everyone closer to the normal living conditions before the outbreak.

JCI Manila is an organization of young professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs committed to socio-civic work that aims to develop leadership skills in its members and create positive change in the community. Founded in 1947, JCI Manila is the oldest leadership development organization in the Philippines and Asia.

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