Kalinga assures dialysis patients access to facilities

TABUK CITY, Kalinga — The local government of Kalinga has assured dialysis patients access to facilities while the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine is in effect.

The Inter Agency Task Force for emerging and re-emerging diseases in the province said a list of names and addresses of locals who undergo dialysis or chemotherapy in medical facilities in Region 2 is already collated.

Governor Ferdinand Tubban said the list would allow the provincial government, the six municipalities and this component city, to address the needs of the patients during the month-long quarantine.

During the IATF-Kalinga meeting on Tuesday, Tubban said the towns should submit the list as there are about 100 kidney patients from the province undergoing either dialysis or chemotherapy in Cagayan Valley’s capital of Tuguegarao and nearby Isabela province, who need to be assisted as they cross borders. Tuguegarao is only a 45-minute drive from this capital town.

Others who need to go to Tuguegarao for medical treatment will also be included.

In Kalinga, there are four medical facilities — the government-run Kalinga provincial hospital, Almora General Hospital, Taclobao Hospital, and San Juan General Hospital.

Only Almora Hospital offers dialysis services but limited to 20 patients per day and will not be able to serve the additional 100 reported patients.

Tubban said a memorandum containing the list would be issued and distributed to the checkpoints to avoid a repeat of an incident where a patient going to Tuguegarao was prevented by cops from leaving.

In the meeting, Tubban said the national protocol exempts medical purposes from the quarantine, as he recommended carpooling for kidney patients who have no vehicles while those with service must get a quarantine pass.

Medical practitioners holding clinics in Kalinga are likewise allowed entry upon showing proof of their profession.As of Tuesday, Kalinga Province has 37 persons under investigation and 1,197 persons under monitoring for Covid-19. (PNA)

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