Kärcher partners with San Agustin Church for cultural preservation program

Kärcher, the world’s leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems, inks a memorandum of agreement with the San Agustin Administration to do a cleanup of the UNESCO World Heritage Site San Agustin Church, along with its adjacent convent, Convento de San Agustin. The partnership is part of Kärcher’s cultural sponsorship programme that aims to preserve historic landmarks around the globe. (L-R) Ramon Ramirez, Kärcher Philippines Marketing Manager; Rev. Fr. Roy Gallano, San Agustin Church Friar of the House; Mark Palisoc, Kärcher Philippines General Manager; Rev. Fr. Ricky Villar, San Agustin Church Director; Rev. Fr. Arnold Sta. Maria, San Agustin Church Parish Priest;Louella Revilla, San Agustin Church Chief Conservator.(

About Kärcher

Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG (Kärcher) is a family-owned multi-national company that operates worldwide and is well known for its range of high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipments, implements, solutions both for industrial, commercial and home use. Headquartered in Winnenden, Germany, it produces both cleaning equipments and full cleaning systems. Being the world market leader in cleaning technology, it employs more than 10,000 people all over the world and has over 100 subsidiaries in 60 countries.

In the Philippines, Karcher Inc., formally established its operation in 2015, a direct subsidiary of Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG. and the first Karcher Center in the country, including its office and service center was formally inaugurated in September 2015.

About Kärcher for Culture Campaign

As cleaning specialists, Kärcher has been actively involved in supporting the preservation of historical monuments and buildings, free of charge, for over 30 years. Kärcher has already demonstrated its experience and expertise on over 100 restoration projects worldwide. There is no better place to see what Kärcher cleaning products can do than in its international cleaning projects, from the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro to Mount Rushmore in the U.S. – Kärcher cleans the world!

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