WOE TO THE CLAUSTROPHOBIC for lockdowns are here to stay. If the national authorities are to be believed, lockdowns whether hard or modified have become part of our new normal.

The second wave of the corona virus is eagerly anticipated while the victims pray it would just pass. The flattening curve is yet to be achieved while waiting for the elusive cure for the disease.

Tell me, are lockdowns and other precautionary measures really helping in the containment of the contagion, or are they even abetting it?

Yeah, the authorities are experimenting on every imaginable solutions but are these working? Remember, they have instituted several measures to arrest traffic congestion at EDSA but apparently these were ineffective!

EDSA traffic congestion has even worsened that the major thoroughfare is even called a virtual parking lot, Only the COVID 19 stopped this congestion, di ba? So, the authorities should stop implementing band-aid solutions and interventions. Enough already.

Every imaginable acronym. Any definition to suit the acronym. Our national leaders have developed the passion for acronyms: ECQ, MECQ, GCQ. What else?

*    *    *HEMI’s protocols for improvement during ECQ or MECQ. Hausland Estate Management, Inc. (HEMI) is a partner of Fiesta Communities Tabun Mabalacat City Homeowners Association, Inc., (FCTMCHAI) or HOA in developing and maintaining the subdivision’s facilities, assets and surroundings.

Its Fiesta office is manned by Property Management Officer Mark Kennen Canlas and Francis.

On Friday, May 22, 2020, in a meeting of HOA with HEMI, Mark presented for approval of the Board of HOA, additional protocols for home improvements during ECQ or Enchanced Community Quarantine, MECQ or Modified Community Quarantine and GCQ or General Community Quarantine.

Several homeowners have forwarded queries to  HEMI on home improvements, hence, the presentation paper which Mark presented on May 22 and asked the Board of HOA to go over it and if it is fine with them, attach their seal of approval to it.

Most of the protocols stated in the paper are already being enforced such as during construction, workers should wear masks and practice physical distancing. Work hours are also regulated. This way, repairs may be introduced in homes of residents. HEMI awaits the approval of the HOA’s board of directors.