Looking for your solemate? Find the one at Arvel&Co.

Sole searching is over with Arvel&Co’s modish and cozy Marikina-made shoes.

Founded by Batanguena entrepreneur Arvel De Mesa in 2017, Arvel&Co refocused the spotlight to our very own Marikina sapateros gaining their glory as the country’s top of the line shoemakers.

Launched in 2017, Arielle and Arzel steered the standards for quality Filipino-made footwear for women. A year after, Arvel&Co is now making its mark in the shoe industry.

My review:

As if it was meant to be lost to prove it was – meant – for you.

On a steamy hot noon, I went on a five or six street- walk in Lakandula, Dau to pick up the two sets of ‘precious footsies’ a friend of a friend is about to give. (Yes, to write a review about it).

Upon receiving it, took a swift look over them and untamed thoughts are tempting my fingers to fully open it and give it a try (in the middle street). How do they look like? Are they comfy? Would these fit on my almost-never-basketball-player foot size? And the moment has arrived as if a magical music bed with magic wand sfx (sound effects) lingered into my ear. Loved the colors, the chic style and how the whole thing was perfectly crafted by Marikina sapateros (shoemakers). With a mentor turned friend, we went to the mall to grab some snack (with me are the box of shoes carried on a black cloth Arvel&Co bag). Just upon arriving home I thought the bag is no longer with me. Literally, thought it was gone. Then someone is fast approaching us, the light is getting bigger and closer towards us. Thanks to the kind-hearted ‘manong tricycle driver’ who took it back home. So I must say Arzel and Arielle are really for me. These pairs fit perfectly my soles which I used In national coverages, private conferences, media presentations and yes, even on evening dates.

No more waiting, find your perfect match at Arvel&Co! Check on their Facebook and Instagram at @arvelandco for more great shoe selections.