Mabalacat City dad exposes missing salaries of 2,700 workers

MABALACAT CITY – City Councilor Rogelio Yumul has revealed that some 2,700 temporary workers on “job orders” have not received their salaries for a month now.

This, despite the approval of “Supplemental Budget No. 002, 2018 involving the amount of P72 million for the salaries and compensation of the newly created position, maintenance and other operating expense capital outlay and program project and activities of the city government of Mabalacat City.”

“We are saddened that most of the temporary workers are yet to receive their salaries,” said Yumul urging the City Council to investigate why the workers were left unpaid for a month despite the approval of the supplemental budget last August 9, 2018.

Yumul has challenged Mabalacat Mayor Crisostomo Garbo who defended the supplemental budget to be transparent.

Yumul asked the Budget Officer, Treasurer, Accountant to shed light on the city government’s failure to release the workers’ compensation. “Sagutan dapu ing eda pamagsweldu reng kekatamu pung J.O king ciudad Mabalacat.”

Wearing a black arm band, Yumul said he symphatizes with the 2,700 temporary workers who were left unpaid despite the approval of the P72 million supplemental budget. “Magluksa kupu keng era pamagsweldu reng J.O. keni king ciudad Mabalacat uling daramdaman ku ing karela pung pamagkasakit ngening kasalukuyan uling akupu denasan ku nung makananu ing magkakasakit king bye nung makananu yapu kaimportanti ing ditak a pera kareni pung taung pakakalulu.”

Only 1,700 temporary jobs were included in the annual budget of Mabalacat City. The number of temporary workers, however, ballooned to 2,700 workers.

Yumul asked where did the city government get their appropriation for the additional 1,000 workers? Most of the workers were hired under the administration of Garbo.

Budget Officer Narce Paquia said the city coffer still has P48 million for the temporary workers until December. The supplemental budget will cover wages from July 16 until December, said Paquia.

In the meantime, the temporary workers remain unpaid.