Mabalaqueña earns big from ‘pasabuy’ Japan goods


This 27-year old lass from Mabalacat left her job during the pandemic and started to become the boss of her own ‘pasabuy’ business. 

Carmela Dawn Villamor Panlican of Mabalacat City is a graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at Systems Plus College Foundation in Angeles City. She has been into different companies here in Pampanga but chose to pursue her dream, to become a businesswoman. 

‘Pasabuy’ derived from the Filipino word ‘pasabay’ means to ask someone to buy something on your behalf. 

She saw the opportunity in this ‘pasabuy’ scheme which pushed her to open the Japan Preorder Goodies by Carmela Dawn Panlican. In September 2020, she started accepting orders from relatives and Facebook friends. 

Here, you can get your items through meet-ups or via delivery. Payments are done thru bank transfer. 

During the pandemic, this became a trend both for those who are not allowed to leave their homes, and for those who lost their jobs due to downsizing of companies. 

All items are ‘pre-ordered’, meaning the products are yet to be shipped here in Pampanga from Yokohama, Japan

“The business does not have an official Facebook page like the others. I post the goodies on my personal social media account and they will send a screenshot of their preferred item for ‘pasabuy’,” Panlican shared. 

“You can order any Japan items you want, just show us the photo and we’ll look for it and have it delivered to you upon arrival of the package. We do not have a minimum range for orders,” she added. 

According to her, in-demand orders were chocolates and other food items. Others are ordering home essentials, branded clothes and even Disney souvenir items. 

At present, she’s been busy accepting order requests. She is now testing the market for possible ‘pasabuy from the United States. 

TO ORDER, you can send a message to her account Carmela Dawn Panlican.