Manankil returns to CDC

After being cleared of alleged corruption charges, Clark Development Corporation president and chief executive officer Noel Manankil returned to his office on Wednesday.

Manankil took a leave of absence on June 29 after his alleged involvement on corruption issues in his office.

He returned to work after the Bases Conversion and Development Authority, has cleared him of allegations through an impartial investigation.

“We found that there is no factual basis or credible evidence to support your involvement in corruption. As such, the IC recommended to allow you to return from your leave of absence and to continue the performance of your duties,” Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) president and CEO Vivencio Dizon, also head of the Investigating Committee (IC), said in a letter date July 17.

“In light of the foregoing, your are hereby directed to come back from your leave of absence as soon as practicable and resume the performance of your functions as president and cEO of CDC,” the letter said.

Manankil voluntarily filed his leave of absence after news reports of alleged corruption in Clark in order to give way to an unimpeded probe. His filing of leave of absence was also in adherence to the policy of Duterte Administration where a whiff of corruption should not find a place in government service.

While on leave of absence, BCDA president Dizon was appointed by the CDC Board of Directors, chaired by Jose de Jesus, as officer in charge of CDC. –Cha Cayabyab

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  1. Mr manankil was put in a bad light on national television by our beloved father of the land and newspapers,,he experienced extreme unwarranted stress n humiliation,,public opinion is quick to judge especially how d untruecontroversy was laid out,,a public apology is due ,at the very least

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