Mariveles teachers get gadgets to improve education

MARIVELES, Bataan – Mayor Ace Jello Concepcion has handed out computers and tablets to teachers here in a bid to further improve delivery of education in the public elementary and secondary schools.

Concepcion led the turnover of 1,101 Acer Laptops and 40 Samsung Galaxy Tabs to all the principals and teachers from public elementary and secondary Schools.

Concepcion was joined by Vice Mayor Lito Rubia and members of the Sangguniang Bayan during the distribution ceremony recently that took place at A. G. Llamas Elementary School

The educators and school administrators have welcomed the much-needed technological boost that will allow teachers to enhance the learning experience of their students. 

Concepcion said the gadgets are expected to elevate teaching methods and facilitate student engagement. 

He emphasized the crucial role technology plays in education noting that technology would allow teachers to overcome the challenges they face while providing learning experience for students.

“By arming our educators with laptops and tablets, we are empowering them to adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape, and we are confident that this initiative will greatly benefit our students in their educational journey,” according to Concepcion.

The initiative aims to alleviate the difficulties faced by educators in accessing teaching materials and updated resources. With the advanced gadgets, teachers can now access a wealth of digital content and instructional materials, enabling them to craft interactive and immersive lessons for their students.

For his part, Vice Mayor Lito Rubia has expressed gratitude to Concepcion for his move to enhance the quality of education in Mariveles. He acknowledged the importance of investing in technology to bridge the digital divide and keep pace with the global education landscape.

The distribution of computers and tablets reaffirms Mariveles’ commitment to pursue educational excellence.

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