MITSUBISHI Motors opens 2020 Automobile Information Service for Elementary School Students

TOKYO – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) today opened the 2020 Automobile Information Service for Elementary School Students, which will be available until December 10, 2020. This service has been offered to children for 28 years since 1993 and answers various questions related to the automobile industry via a toll-free number, website, and by post.

MMC is the only automobile company in Japan to offer such an educational service for elementary school students as well as their teachers and has received approx. 3,600 inquiries in total since the service began.

The questions cover a broad range of topics, including car manufacturing, how cars work and various activities in the factories–for example, a question about how much percentage cars can be recycled(1), and what kind of environmental initiatives MMC is taking for the future(2)–such environmental issues attract more interest in recent years. School teachers also use the service for their class preparation or call with their students during actual classes. As a part of the service, MMC mails a summary sheet in which the received question via a call and its answer are written.

(1) MMC responded that approximately 99 % of end-of-life cars are recyclable.

(2) MMC responded that its initiatives include saving natural resources, protecting the ozone layer, avoiding air pollution, and global warming, as well as protecting the environment around its factories.

MMC also provides a brochure to be used for studying and a website that contains useful information about cars (available only in Japanese).