No rift over business permits in Mariveles, say officials

Mariveles, Bataan – Mayor Ace Jello C. Concepcion and Vice Mayor Angelito S. Rubia of Mariveles, Bataan have brushed off rumors of an ongoing conflict between them over the granting of business permits.

Both officials said they believe in democratic governance where the views of everyone are respected. They admitted they had different opinions on the matter, but they resolved and discussed it in a peaceful and respectful manner, setting aside their personal views and choosing the legal and proper way. They said they were faithful to their sworn duties according to the Constitution of the Philippines and the Local Government Code of 1991.

They also said they follow the Revenue Code passed by their Municipal Council as their standard for giving business permits for many years.

They assured the whole local government is united in promoting the welfare of every family and the town of Mariveles. They asked the public not to believe the negative and destructive statements that are spreading online. Instead, they asked for prayers and support to strengthen their bond and service to their town.

Lastly, they said they will conduct an investigation on the sources of the false and damaging information. They said they will give a chance to those people to correct their statements. Both officials thanked everyone and wished for the prosperity of Mariveles.

The statement was signed by both Mayor Concepcion and Vice Mayor Rubia.