On restarting the economy

EVERY ONE OF US must agree that it would be a tough trajectory as we restart our economy which took a hard beating from COVID 19.

This worldwide pandemic has really wrecked havoc on our very lives, our existence, economy, social lives, on our human being.

Losses have been staggering: lost revenues, jobs, opportunities.

Our government felt the brunt of our unemployment, loss of jobs and loss of income. Even it felt the shortage of funds now that the Enchanced Community Quarantine has been extended for another 15 days!

The 60-day lockdown has caused too much anxiety, if not fear and apprehension.

Most of us have lost our sense of direction, our bearing and some, their plans and aspirations.
Now is the time to redirect our efforts and focus so that we may recover lost ground. Now is the time to work in concert towards gaining ground we have lost and once again regain our bearing and status before COVID 19 struck us to the ground.

Never must we surrender to this mysterious yet dangerous malady. Instead, we should unite and rise against this disease which has caused so much harm and losses in our midst.

On the other hand, this malady has taught us a costly lesson on readiness and resiliency. Never must we be caught unprepared and let this disease strike us senseless and without direction.

*    *    *For how long must we wait for relief goods and dole outs? With the extension of the Enchanced Community Quarantine up to May 15, would there be another extension ad infinitum?
President Duterte has pledged P50 million to be given to those who would discover the cure for the plague and another P50 million, he said, for the true cure. Naturally, he would pledge anything and everything, just so to kep his constituents safe. Can we blame him?

*    *    *Barangay Tabun Punong Barangay Danilo de Leon has kept his promise to sustain distribution of relief goods to residents of Barangay Tabun. On April 23, 2020, he again sent goods and sacks of rice to Fiesta Communities Tabun for repacking and distribution to residents of Fiesta Communities. Such is the lasting good job of Chairman de Leon.