Orani town to launch Free GO WiFi

Free Go WiFi was offered to the citizens by Orani Mayor Efren ‘Bondjong’ Pascual Jr. and Globe Telecom. In order to use the free WiFi, citizens must look for @Orani_FreeGoWiFi and sign in using their phone number to get connected.

However, the free WiFi only lasts for 30 minutes straight. Fortunately, citizens could still reconnect after the first 30 minutes expired.

GO WiFi is Globe Telecom’s fast and secure public WiFi service. The purpose of Free GO Wifi in Orani is to help citizens stay connected online regularly.

Free Go WiFi also helps people to stay updated on the news every day even with just using phones and other gadgets that are connected to the Free WiFi.

The goal is to give citizens a better and faster way in communicating with one another around Orani, with the use of Free GO WiFi in town.

/De Jesus, Mary Grace, AUF Intern