Pamaskong Handog for Simonians

San Simon, Pampanga — San Simon Mayor Leonora Simbulan Capule-Wong recently led the Pamaskong Handog for Simonians in time for the holiday season.

“I pioneered the Pamaskong Handog program because I believe that keeping the holiday spirit alive as a community will help unite us all. It is also our own way of thanking Simonians for their hard work and commitment to make San Simon a stronger and closer community that cares for the welfare of everyone.” Wong shared.

Wong started the Pamaskong Handog program during her first term as mayor in 2010. It started as a holiday program for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and solo parents, and has since evolved into accommodating all Simonians in all 14 barangays. The program consists of distributing food packs and providing health support.

The food packs distributed to all Simonians include hotdogs, ham, and spaghetti packs, which are usual celebratory feasts during the holidays.

To remind people of the importance of keeping oneself healthy, Mayor Wong, in partnership with the hypertensive and diabetic club through Dra. Marline Bagtas, provided a free consultation program, and free medicines and vitamins to people living with chronic diseases.

Mayor Wong vows to continue the Pamaskong Handog program that Simonians can look forward to at the end of every year. “The holiday season is an important part of our culture as Filipinos and Pampangenos. Continuing this tradition is crucial to provide optimism especially during these difficult times.” Wong said.