PCOO launches docu film, magazine on anti-illegal drug campaign

The government on Wednesday launched a documentary film and a magazine tackling the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the Duterte administration, in a bid to address the proliferation of inaccurate narratives surrounding the program.

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar presented to the media a documentary entitled: “GRAMO,” and a magazine “Saving the Future of A Nation: Countering Hard Drugs.”

“We hope that both the documentary and the magazine will help enlighten everyone on the whole-of-nation approach the government is taking to address the problem of illegal drugs,” he said.

“Gramo” is an hour-long documentary produced by the PCOO that analyzes the accomplishments gained by the administration on countering hard drugs.

Meanwhile, the magazine “Saving the Future of a Nation: Countering Hard Drugs” features the key performance indicators on the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign that likewise zeroes in on the harmful social effects brought about by illegal drugs.

In his speech, the PCOO chief noted that reports on the numbers of individuals who surrendered and were admitted to the reformation program, and children who were rescued from illegal drug-related activities are ‘triumphant’ achievements for both the government and the civil society.

He said that the launch of the documentary and magazine is meant to show to the public the efforts of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in saving the future of the nation.

According to Secretary Andanar, despite the negative portrayal perpetuated by detractors, the administration stands firm in its mandate to rid the country of illegal drugs as well as corruption.

“Criticisms have been made with regards to this matter, in part through the proliferation of misinformation and fact-twisting by the oppositionists and other interest groups,” he said.

“Despite this, the Duterte Administration will remain firm in its mandate and obligation to realize a drug-free and corruption-free Philippines,” Secretary Andanar said.

On the alleged human rights issues committed in the name of the unrelenting war against illegal drugs, Secretary Andanar reiterated and affirmed that the administration will remain steadfast in protecting and preserving human rights and dignity in official police operations.

“We will continue to implement strong law enforcement with consistent adherence and observance of human rights and dignity through rescue, rehabilitation, reformation, and ridding drug war operations of corruption,” he added.

“Gramo” had been aired on People’s Television Network Inc. (PTV) on Thursday, December 12.

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