PGB pushes for Green Mobility in Bataan

Vice Governor Cris Garcia, on Thursday, led the Invest Bataan Electric Vehicle Roadshow to promote the green mobility program of the Provincial Government of Bataan.

The event was organized by Bataan Public-Private Partnership and Investment Center in partnership with Global Green Growth Institute to accelerate the implementation of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program. 

Six transport cooperatives in Bataan have expressed their desire to have electric vehicles and the Provincial Government is currently looking for funding to build charging stations with clean sources of energy. 

Vice Gov. Garcia said that this aspiration will reduce pollution and make the air cleaner in Bataan, which has a big impact on the health of its citizens.

Electric vehicles have seen exponential growth in recent years, with improved range, wider model availability and increased performance. There were 10 million electric cars on the world’s roads at the end of 2020, following a decade of rapid growth.

Electric car registrations increased by 41% in 2020, despite the pandemic-related worldwide downturn in car sales in which global car sales dropped 16%. In the first quarter of 2021, global electric car sales rose by around 140% compared to the same period in 2020.

However, electric vehicles are not yet a global phenomenon. Sales in developing and emerging countries have been slow due to higher purchase costs and a lack of charging infrastructure availability.