Pineda to form community watch group vs. illegal drugs

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – Governor Lilia Pineda will mobilize more than 2,000 purok leaders spread all over Pampanga as “private eye” to complement with the “Volunteers ni Nanay” in combatting illegal drugs in the province.

“The purok leaders will be in-charge of the community in terms of identifying who among the residents are into illegal drugs or involved in unlawful activities,” said Pineda adding Purok leaders will be reporting direct to her.

Pineda who have been in the frontline in the war against prohibited drugs said tapping the community-based leaders would be a big help in the government to minimize if not totally eradicate the so-called menace of society.

Just like Volunteers ni Nanay, Pineda said Purok leaders are also voluntary but they will be covered with health and other benefits. “They have no regular salary but they will be covered by health and other benefits including scholarship of children.”

The governor will formalize the activation of “private eye” during the next schedules peace and order council meeting.

Pineda said the provincial government is spending huge amount of money in seminars, training and other forum against illegal drugs where most of the participants are barangay leaders only to be disappointed in the end.

“Gumagastos tayo ng milyon-milyon para sa kampanya laban sa droga pero ang mga participants parang hindi seryoso. Pagkatapos ng dialogue at seminars…balik na naman sa dating gawi…bakbakan na naman,” Pineda told reporters.

Pineda said the objective of this project is to strengthen the Volunteers ni Nanay and the Barangay Chairmen in 20 towns and two cities.

“Purok leaders must keep a tight watch of their members. Babantayan kung ano ang mga nangyayari, they will be reporting from time to time and they will be answerable of any incidents that may arise because of their failure to report on time.”

Pineda said barangay officials will not stop from their official functions including maintaining of peace and order in their respective communities.

The provincial chief executive said the project is in line with the “Masa Masid” program of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).