PNP PRO3 starts recruiting 200 new policemen

CAMP OLIVAS, PAMPANGA – The Philippine National Police (PNP), Police Regional Office 3 (PRO3) is now starting its recruitment process to fill the 200 available slots for new batch of police recruits that will be assigned in Bataan and other provinces in the region.
Police Chief Supt. Amador V. Corpus, Regional Director of PRO3 told newsmen  that the available slots for the region should be filled up tentatively by September this year, according to the guidelines issued by the National Police Commission.
Applicants will undergo the Physical Agility Test, Neuro-Psychological Examination, General Physical and Dental Examination as well as Drug Test to be administered by the PNP for the purpose of determining physical and mental health.
The following are the general qualification for appointment in the police service:
•      A citizen of the Philippines;
•      A person of good moral character;
•      Must possess a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution of learning;
•      Must be eligible in accordance with the standards set by NAPOLCOM;
•      Must have not been dishonorably discharged from military employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government;
•      Must have not been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude;
•      Must be at least one meter and sixty-two centimeters (1.62 m.) in height for male and one meter and fifty-seven centimeters (1.57 m.) for female;
•      Must not weigh not more or less five kilograms (5 kgs.) than the standard weight corresponding to his or her height, age, and sex; and
•      Must not be less than twenty-one (21) nor more than thirty (30) years of age upon take oath.
Except for the last qualification, the above-enumerated qualifications shall be continuing in character and an absence of any one of them at any given time shall be a ground for separation or retirement from the service: Provided, that PNP members who are already in the service upon the effectively of RA 8551 shall be given at least two (2) years to obtain the minimum education qualification and one (1) year to satisfy the weight requirement.
Eligibility Requirements include:
•      Civil Service Professional (CSP)
•      PO1 Entrance Exam (NAPOLCOM & CSC)
•      RA 1080 (Board Passer, Med Doctor, Engineering, Teacher etc…)
•      RA 6506 (Criminologist)
Online applications are now on- going and qualified applicants will be later on screened by the Recruitment, Promotion and Attestation Section of PRO3.
All interested applicants should log-on to PNP ORAS (