President Rody, let’s have a CIAC president now

The Duterte government is doing what it can, and the top priority is combating criminality. On that alone, it has its plate full. The business sector is upbeat. Many people are hopefull that life will be better under your watch.

Secretaries Arthur Tugade, Sonny Dominguez, Manny Pinol, Al Cusi, with rolled sleeves, are marching rightly on the planks based on the beat of the drums of President Rody. There may be some mistakes to be committed and the harsh light may not be focused now on these missteps, as the new administration is not even a month old. But these guys are discharging their functions to the best of their abilities.

Unlike in combating criminality where there is a time frame, (three months, six months) the line departments must be frantic on how to score highly and solve the various problems the inept Aquino administration left for President Rody to solve.

Let’s focus on one problem. The airports. Particularly Clark International Airport. It may be recalled that the recent administration issued bid bulletins for the rolling out of public-private partnerships on maintenance and operations of several airports in the country. Good move, even if it was rather a delayed action. It was implemented crudely by Aquino. Not accomplished.

Our president knows the inconveniences of air travel. Weekly he goes home to Davao City. Delayed flights, congestion at the terminal, the plane circling the aerodrome for many minutes before making the landing, etc.

May I suggest Mr. President to come up with a time frame, in the same way you placed a time table to rid our country of the menacing drug trade? Suggesting further if you can issue an executive order for dual operations of both CRK and NAIA. And last suggestion, please appoint now the president and members of the board of the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC).

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