Racial discrimination is very much alive

WHITE SUPREMACY REIGNS supreme especially in countries like Great Britain and the United States, where the Klu Klux Klan poses terror to Black Americans particularly.

In the United States, one is judged by the color of his skin nd is looked down as a nobody, a low life. Others, like Asians, are also discriminated against and are considered second class, nay, third class citizens.

There are also acts prevalent in Great Britain, these discriminatory acts.
The latest Black American fatality is Gerge Floyd whose death caused massive protests and sympathetic marches where the hashtag Black Lives Matter was highlighted.

There have been chaos in most cities of the United States, from Minnepolis, when Floyd perished up to the site of the seat of government, Washington D. C.

We remember the efforts of the slain US President Abraham Lincoln who fought for equality between whites and blacks in America. Also, the Rev. Jackson and Martin Luther King, both heroes in the uplifting of the lives and rights of the black populace.

The US is also facing another dilemma, the rising death toll brought about by the COVIS pandemic where this ertswhile superpower has been ahead of other nations in terms of COVID positive patient, which by latest court, may exceed two million and several thousand deaths.

This once proud nation is now reeling from unrests and a weakening economy though its boastful President Trump camouflages the nation’s ills through arrogant tweets and fiery rhetoric.

*    *    *Here in our country, the Philippines, there are still uncertain directives which cause confusion among residents.

The Anti-Terrorism bill is one. Another are the pronouncements of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases. The Agency is tasked with coming up of guidelines for the private sector to follow like the transport sector which is also severely affected by the stoppage of its movement causing massive deprivation of income and other sources. Drivers have families too and they cannot subsist mainly on relief goods alone, so they had to resort to begging from motorists for loose change.
They play a vital role in driving upwards the economy and people, especially the poor ones, have gotten used to patronizing their services. A second hard look on their plight would be very useful indeed.

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