San Simon celebrates Youth Empowerment through Kabataang Simonians Got Talent


San Simon, Pampanga — Prioritizing youth empowerment amidst the extended lockdown, San Simon Mayor Leonora Wong recently held the ‘Kabataang Simonians Got Talent’ event to give the youth a platform for self-expression, help them realize their goals, and inspire them to pursue their dreams despite the pandemic.

“I believe that providing activities for the young Simonians enhances their growth and well-being, especially during these difficult times,” said Wong, building an environment for the youth to flourish and receive support for their passion.

Lorence Manoguid was the grand winner with his artwork showcasing the history of San Simon, adding the words ‘Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan’ to his piece. “Through this artwork, I wanted to say that the youth completes society and vice versa,” said Manoguid, emphasizing the importance of youth development.

Krizia Gutierrez won 2nd place with her performance of the song ‘Rolling in the Deep’, a song that she felt empowered her and helped her be a part of the San Simon community.

Brian Mendoza secured 3rd place with his performance of the song ‘Bagani’, highlighting the resilience of the youth and dedicating it to the frontliners.

Collectively sharing the desire for proper education, the three winners are hoping to pursue higher education and expressed their gratitude for the prizes they received, helping them obtain their necessities and give back to their families.