Security Bank Advisory

As part of our security measures, we’re reminding our customers to be vigilant in the face of various phishing attacks/scams. These scams use counterfeit emails and web pages with an unofficial Security Bank logo to trick customers to click on links and provide confidential information which can lead to unauthorized access of accounts.

Here’s how customers can be victimized:

  • A fraudster sends a fake email to a customer. This may be to reactivate a blocked card/account, verify a transaction, redeem a reward, claim an evoucher, update account information, etc.
  • The fake email contains a link to a fake bank website that looks identical to Security Bank Online (SBOL). Upon close inspection, this fake website uses a malicious URL.
  • The fraudster then prompts the customer to provide an OTP, which can happen in two ways: 1) The customer is prompted to input his/her SBOL user ID and password through the fake site itself or 2) the fraudster pretends to be an employee of the Bank, calls the customer and requests for the OTP over the phone.
  • Once the OTP is provided, the fraudster gains access to the customer details and bank account.
  • Once the account is accessed, the fraudster changes the mobile number connected to the account and completes the account take-over, which allows him/her to perform any financial transaction (e.g. make purchases, transfer money, etc.) using the customer’s bank account.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from being victimized:

  • Do not respond to any suspicious messages or click on any malicious links.
  • To validate any transactions or update account information, do so only through official Security Bank channels.
  • When transacting online, check that the URL indicates and the address bar has a padlock icon.
  • Know that Security Bank will never ask for your OTP, CVC/CVV, or PIN via call, text, or email.
  • Visit our dedicated Fraud Awareness page at to stay updated on the different scams.

Customers who suspect that their accounts have been compromised can call our Fraud Hotline at 8814-2696 or send a Viber message to +63-917-893-0111.

We will continue to send advisories and reminders to help customers identify and avoid phishing attempts and other scams.

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