Sen. Villanueva to graduates: ‘Do not give up your dreams’

BALIWAG, Bulacan -– Sen. Joel Villanueva on Tuesday told 506 graduates of the Baliwag Polytechnic College (BPC) to make the right choices as they move forward to face new challenges and become part of nation building.

Villanueva keynotes the 8th commencement exercise of the BPC held at the Star Arena in Bgy. Pagala here.

Villanueva, a native of Bocaue, Bulacan and former Director General of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) , said the latest batch of graduates “will play vital roles in shaping the future not only of Baliwag, not only of Bulacan but of the country as well as he encourage them to be nationalistic and patriotic like the forefathers of this historic province, the birthplace of the three republics –the Republic of Kakarong de Sili in Pandi, the Biak-na-Bato Republic in San Miguel,and the Malolos Republic.”

These, according to Villanueva, paved the way to Philippines’ freedom and independence from almost 400 years of Spanish colonial rule.
Villanueva also told them the story of a 10 year old boy who showed the never say die spirit of the Filipinos.

He said that after a devastating storm, the boy who lives in a village near the sea saw thousands of star fish washed ashore.
The boy picked as many star fish as he can and brought it back to the sea. An elder of the village saw what the boy was doing that started from the morning up to sundown prompting him to approach the boy and asked him what is the matter with him.
The boy said he just wanted to save the starfish.

The elder told him that he cannot save all of them.

The boy replied, “Nevertheless I have tried and I have save many of them.”

Villanueva said that the lesson here is perseverance, love, care and the willingness to save life.

“As you venture into the next chapter of your lives, think of the boy and never give up your dreams. Always remember that if God is with you, nothing is impossible,” Villanueva said. –Emil G. Gamos