SFELAPCO power rates dip

The San Fernando Electric Light and Power Company (SFELAPCO) said price of electricity has declined in the month of August which is attributed to the decrease in the generation rate in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), where the local utility distributor temporarily purchases electricity.

In a statement, SFELAPCO said that “due to the low energy demand during the rainy season, the average price per kilowatt-hour (kwh) of our generation charge in the market has reached P5.7941.”

As a result, our monthly electricity bill in August 2023 is significantly lower due to this decrease in price.
It said: “The total price of electricity per kwh this August is only P10.50, which is one of the lowest in the entire province of Pampanga, despite no changes in the distribution charge—the only amount that goes to SFELAPCO.”

The August price is one peso lower per kwh compared to the July bill.

The SFELAPCO management said “this is a significant difference considering that back in February, the highest generation charge recorded was P7.90 out of a total of P13.38 per kwh in electricity charges.”
The generation charge pertains to the cost of electricity that power distributors buy from the WESM or the power generators. It is a “pass-through” charge that is collected from consumers and paid in full to the power generator.

The SFELAPCO management said the “decrease in the price of electricity provides relief to consumers who are burdened with utility expenses. The continuous decline in prices showcases the positive effects of the current low demand for energy.”

It is hoping that the continues and contributes to the overall well-being of the consumers and the economy.

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