ShopBack Philippines celebrates 7th year with global brand refresh

ShopBack, Asia-Pacific and the Philippines’ leading online shopping and rewards platform, celebrated its 7th year of providing a rewarding shopping experience in the country with a global brand refresh. The refresh signals exciting developments for ShopBack globally as it continues to cement its position as a leading player in the industry.

Ever since ShopBack’s successful launch in the Philippines in 2015, the brand has accumulated over 5.2 million users nationwide who have enjoyed the rewarding shopping experience that ShopBack offers with every transaction.

ShopBack has over 600 partner merchants in the country – across industries ranging from travel, fashion, tech, and marketplaces. The company has given back $SG23 million (PHP 927 million) in cashback to its consumers, and partnered brands have realized over $SG580 million in Gross Merchandise Value. Some online shopping partner merchants include: Lazada, SHEIN, Shopee, Agoda, Klook, Samsung, and many more.

In 2021, ShopBack also launched its vouchers product line in the country to allow shoppers to save more and earn additional cashback when they purchase vouchers from merchants like FoodPanda, Metromart PureGo, and more.

Spearheaded by the brand’s new tagline – For The Wins ShopBack hopes to translate all the small wins into a rewarding shopping experience and a smooth consumer journey for all its Filipino shoppers.

“Since our launch in 2015, our primary goal has always been to delight our customers by empowering them to be smarter shoppers,” says Prashant Kala, ShopBack Regional Director, APAC. “This is why we always aim to give the best deals and launch new products/features that influence them to make the most ideal purchasing decisions. With the ongoing travel resurgence, new brands onboard, and vouchers being launched, we are happy to continue serving our Filipino customers in the years to come.”

ShopBack: For The Wins

The tagline “For The Wins” is the main messaging of ShopBack’s global brand refresh. Through this idea, ShopBack hopes to empower consumers to celebrate their victories in life with a rewarding shopping experience.

“ShopBack believes in the power of small wins, applied consistently and continuously, and we work relentlessly to deliver smarter ways to shop and pay,” says Henry Chan, CEO and Co-founder of ShopBack. “We hope that the rebrand brings out this message more strongly to our shoppers.”

“As we grow our network of partners and global brands, we will continue to engage shoppers across multiple touchpoints, help partners gain visibility and sales, and support them in achieving their own victories through small wins,” he added.

The global rebrand refresh is a new chapter for ShopBack and the beginning of a brand new landscape for shoppers to celebrate their victories in life accompanied by a unique and rewarding shopping experience.

ShopBack’s 7th Year feat. Spark Talks

In line with the 7th year anniversary celebration, the brand invited over 70 partner merchants and media for Spark Talks, a panel discussion and data sharing event that discussed the necessity to evolve and optimize growth in the ever-changing macro business landscape. The event happened this past July 19, at the Makati Diamond Residences.

Some notable representatives who graced the event were Lazada, Edamama, FoodPanda, and Klook. Each major brand shared their experiences working with ShopBack and how aligning with the brand aided in improving GMV and consumer visibility.

When asked about the advantages of the partnership with ShopBack, FoodPanda’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Amer Bakshi, shared an insight: “One very important fact that I think I understood a lot later was, when you deal with the likes of ShopBack and multiple other partners, you are able to use their channels to communicate your campaigns to a different set of users, and that in itself, is a very, very, very big value.”

“Because you are able to cross-promote on their channel, there’s a certain monetary value added to it where you could actually bring their customer onto your platform, which is the best part of it. So when you see the symmetry between the two, all you have to think about is how you (can) maximize it,” he added.

Another key speaker at the event was Karla Suguitan, the Director of Brand and Community of Edamama Philippines.

“(What) we actually saw (as) the winning factor was integrating a lot of various channels. One such, of course, (is) affiliate marketing with ShopBack, and we also activated several channels that we haven’t before.” shares Suguitan, when asked about how they were able to achieve their highest GMV since the launch of the brand.

For more information and updates, visit the official ShopBack website at and the following social media pages: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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