SM Security Shows Good Deed on Holy Week

“One of the ways on how to make Holy Week Holy is to do good deeds to others,” according to Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD, director, Society of the Divine Word Mission Office. And this is true when SM security personnel Fernando M. Millan of Red Eye II Security agency found a brown backpack at the mall’s arcade while doing his regular rounds on Maundy Thursday. His initial reaction is to return the bag to its rightful owner.

Millan immediately informed Shift-in-Charge SG Jovie Flor about the bag, after which they found some ID’s and wallet with P6274 cash money and other items and then contacted the owner right away.

Aissa Guilas, the owner of the bag said that they are going on a summer outing that day and before leaving , the driver of the van arranged their seats, put the backpack down the floor and forgot to reload the bag back to the compartment. When they were already miles away from the mall, Guilas received a call from SM to inform her that her bag was found at the vicinity of the mall. “My thoughts was on the bag the whole day because all the things I needed for the outing was there including my money, clothes, valid IDs, phone chargers and other items,” said Guilas.

But then, Guilas was still thankful to Millan for being honest and for safekeeping her bag until she claimed it late in the evening.

“Through his action, Millan has proven his dedication and love for his work, an act worthy to be recognized and commended. Showing good deeds indeed inspires others in many ways,” remarked Joselito Isidro, SM Olongapo Customer Relations Manager.