‘Study smarter not harder’

Meet Mabalacat City College’s newest and proud produce, Kim Gabrielle Del Puerto, 20 years old, graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics, and Summa Cum Laude with a general point average of 95.63.
Born to a humble laundrywoman and contractual laborer, Del Puerto is the second eldest among six siblings.
On being asked what’s her secret study habit, “Don’t review too much,” Del Puerto emphasized.
How true is this? Take it from her. Here’s a fast talk with Del Puerto.
1. Did you expect or aspire to be a Summa Cum Laude?
“After graduating high school, I really prayed hard for it because I want to give it as a gift to my lola and to my mother who are my number one supporters and inspiration. It’s my way of giving back to them, especially to my lola who supported me financially in college.”
2. What were your struggles in college?
” One of my struggles in college is financial stability. Since I started college, I stopped receiving financial support from my grandmother. Good thing I have applied for financial assistance from the government. That’s why I had to maintain my grades or else I won’t be able to pursue my studies. I had to be a working-student for three years. I was once a call center agent and an online transcriber. I also struggled with time management. Being part of an organization in the school and the church required much of my time. But through God’s guidance, I managed to balance everything.”
3. Do you review your lessons all the time? What is your study habit?
“On my first year in college, I review my lessons all the time. During exams, I sacrifice my sleep just to review well. As I go on, I have discovered the study habit that best fits me. Whenever I’m tired, I take a rest/nap first. Then I’ll just wake up in the middle of the night until morning to finish whatever I have to do. That’s the time when my brain functions best. I stopped reviewing so hard then, I would rather analyze the concept than to memorize it.
4. Organizations you belong, and how did you manage your time?
“I’ve been a member and officer of MCC Campus Youth Ministry for four straight years. Most of the time, I would really sacrifice my acads since it’s God whom I am serving in the ministry. God’s grace it is, that in every conflict of schedule, God would always make a way so I would not need to choose between my service and acads.
5. What is your message to fellow graduates?
“Strive to be good and kind. There are so many intelligent people in the world already but we need more kind people. Acknowledge God in everything, especially in your success. Always trust His will, because even how good you are in planning your future, it is His will that will prevail. Never be upset if things don”t turn your way, because His plans for you are the best. No success is indeed a success without God in it.”
6. Why did you choose MCC?.
“MCC was not my first choice. I really wanted to try other schools since I finished my secondary education in Mabalacat Community High School which is only a few blocks from MCC. I do not regret that decision anyway. MCC contributed a lot for who I am today. In MCC, I learned to become a teacher-leader. As an MCC graduate, I am proud to say that I have what it takes to be called a globally- competitive citizen.
Indeed hardwork harnessed with faith will lead you nowhere but up. With His guidance, you’ll never fall astray. Ask and it will be yours. Jus’t don’t forget to do your part, and always put Him in your heart.
Soar high! Congratulations to all graduates and parents of batch 2018!